As a participatory exhibition, The 1000 Journals Project creates many opportunities for community engagement. Visiting classrooms, after-school programs, and adult learning programs benefit from journaling activities and events, and use entries as discussion topics. Museums have also used the project as an outreach effort, often launching their own journals into the world.

The project has been exhibited at:
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
(November 1, 2008 – April 5, 2009)

Muzeum w Gliwicach, Poland
(October 14, 2010 – November 20, 2010)

Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles
(October 5, 2010 – February 13, 2011)

Scottsdale Public Art, Arizona
(March 19, 2012 – June 28, 2012)

If you’d like to see the Exhibition Fact Sheet / proposal, please contact me at: